What To Say To Your Client About Home Staging

It is so important for realtors to partner with a home stager however it seems we need to take that one step further. I understand, to a certain degree, why a realtor might not be confident in their approach to home staging. However, its a powerful tool and when you’re doing a job if there is a tool available to make your job easier and less stressful, why wouldn’t you use it?

Sellers may not understand what home staging is, they may not get how it really works. In addition, it’s vital that realtors and home stagers understand a seller’s may have anxiety on having professionals come through and critique their home. Putting sellers at ease is key to getting their trust and to ensure that they understand the stager’s vision and be open to suggestions.

Many Realtors don’t know how to “offer” the consult or how to explain to their clients about why they would bring in a home stager. Sometimes, they find that their clients are on the defensive, wondering what is wrong with their home that they would need to have a professional come in. The realtors either don’t know how to explain that home staging is basically marketing their home to a wide range of people so it has to be de-personalized, as much as possible.

Simply, a realtor can just explain it and not give the client the option of opting out.

Bring it up right away and be candid that you use home staging for all your listings – be sure to mention why you use it and this is going to be your *staging pitch* so it needs to be personal and it needs to be authentic! Your client needs to understand that a neutral, clean home that appeals to the masses, sells fast, as buyers are looking for turnkey homes without the personal decor touches.

It’s essential for setting the right tone for the stager to walk into, so by being up front about this, you cement the partnership you have with your stager in the eyes of the seller. Not only will your clients be more receptive to suggestions but they will be more willing to do more to ensure the house shows well.

Here are some script suggestions for the realtors we partner with:

“As a homeowner it is difficult to be emotionally detached. Especially if you’ve lived here a long time, it’s hard, but crucial, to let go, and think of your house objectively as a product on a shelf. Your memories will last forever — but hopefully the selling process won’t, Therefore it is really important to hire a professional that can look at your house objectively without any attachment.”

“A home stager can effectively depersonalize your home for you. You want buyers to fantasize themselves here, not feel as if they’re intruding on your personal space.”

“My stager has a gift of making your rooms feel bigger, and also allow the buyers to imagine their furniture in the space.”

“They will neutralize your home with their marketing expertise, in order to appeal to most buyers.”

“My stager can take care of any necessary repairs if necessary and can maximize curb appeal. When driving around the neighbourhood, your home’s exterior should look as equally polished as the rest if not better to make it stand out.”

“Although your home is beautifully decorated, a home stager can up the décor with a few extra touches that can make the difference that leads to a sale.”

“Here is their information. Take a look at their packages and what they have to offer. I highly recommend that we have your place ready before you list it so we do not waste any time or money getting it sold.”

Be persistent and have confidence that offering home staging *will* make a difference in the quality of service you offer and the fact that it will have a positive impact on your business! The realtors we partner with all rave about our services and gush about our designs to their clients. Because of this, their clients are more open about home staging and because so much of real estate business comes through referrals, odds are high that new clients will already know and expect you to offer home staging AND they will be aware of the difference it made which immediately adds credibility and a level of polish to your reputation. The results are far reaching and when you forge that strong partnership with a home stager, you create a business relationship that will be beneficial and rewarding for many years to come!

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