How To Stage Your Home During The Holidays – Vital Information on Real Estate Home Staging for Sellers & Realtors


Canadian Thanksgiving is here!

If you are selling over the holidays then its important to keep your home staging decorating simple with key accessories designed to accentuate focal areas. It’s also the time when the real estate market still steady but starts to cool off nearing December. Byers still go hunting for homes, however its important for sellers to realize that if they are selling their home during the holidays, the property still has to be show-ready.

Here are some tips to keep things festive, yet simple, while showing your home at it’s best potential.


  1. Choose a maximum of two to three elements per space.
  2. Keep clutter to a minimum.
  3. Highlight only a few decorations at a time. Keep the rest in storage.

During the holidays or anytime, it’s crucial to always keep your house immaculate and clutter-free. Keeping the space as neutral as possible, yet warm and inviting appeals to most people.  You want visitors to be able to imagine living in your space and calling it their home.

Don’t underestimate the power of marketing (Home Staging) during the Holidays!


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