Why Is Home Staging An Essential Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents?


Did you know that a vast majority (over 75%) of realtors recommend Staging to their clients, as it became a MUST in the industry over the last few years?

According to “HomeGain’s 2007 National Survey” the benefits of staging are obvious…

Staged Home vs. Empty Home = 343% ROI

91% of realtors recommend staging your home because it will attract more buyers, give an advantage over other houses in the area and thus = More Money

Based on recent surveys of 4,000 real estate agents:

How much do you think staging increases the value of a home? (August 2007)

  • Value increase $0-1000 – 9.78% of realtors
  • Value increase $1001-2500 – 11.96% of realtors
  • Value increase $2501-5000 – 29.35% of realtors
  • Value increase $5001+ – 48.91% of realtors

Statistics show staged homes priced under a $1 million sell for 10 percent more than comparable un-staged homes. Staged homes listed for $1 million-plus sell 20 percent premium. (Barb Schwartz)

Statistics show the rate of return for home staging is 583% on an investment as small as $500.00. (HomeGain 2009)

It’s a fact that 80 – 90% of our first contact with a listing will be on the web and we only have seconds to impress a buyer.  A good realtor will have professional photography and insure that a house is picture perfect before it is showcased to the world.

A staged home gives you the market advantage over an un-staged home, especially when the pendulum swings to a buyers’ market.

Let us handle the home staging recommendations, while you focus on selling that listing.

Our Guarantee
Our guarantee to you is this:
We will enhance the best features of your listing, on time and on budget.

Call today and ask about our realtor loyalty program 604.781.6859


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