Get An Advantage Over Other Realtors Using This…

Include this into your marketing strategy to put you ahead of the trend.

This is a great article written by Bobby Carroll.

In case you haven’t heard, the Google+ social network offers a really cool video streaming opportunity called Hangouts (and Hangouts on Air). For the purpose of this post, I’ll assume you already know what Hangouts are. In case you need a quick primer on what Google+ Hangouts are and how to start one, take a look at these resources after you read these creative ways to host unique Hangouts for real estate.

 10 Hangout Ideas for REALTORS


Armed with a web cam and a mic you can host Google+ Hangouts with your real estate partners and possibly, your potential consumers. Below are a few ideas to help inspire you to begin using this exciting Google+ tool!

  1. Brokerage Agent Meetings via Hangouts
  2. Agent Team Brainstorming Hangouts (maybe include your Virtual Assistant!)
  3. Offer Foreclosure Avoidance Consultation with a Distressed Property Attorney Hangouts
  4. Guided Tour of Your Real Estate Website on Hangouts
  5. Offer Buyer/Seller Question & Answer – Market Update Hangouts/Team Up with a Lender and Host First Time Home Financing Hangouts
  6. Produce Local Events Hangouts (Halloween Carnival, Christmas Parade-Great Barrier Reef Hangout Hangout
  7. Make Press Release Announcements via Hangouts
  8. Host Open House Hangouts (Example of a Hangout Open House by Carra Riley)
  9. Virtual Vendor Fair Hangouts for Your Agency
  10. Host a Real Estate Partner Round Table discussing their role in the real estate transaction (agents, home inspectors, new home builders, mortgage lenders, appraisers, attorneys, real estate marketing partner)

To be sure, expecting buyers and sellers to join your Hangout isn’t apt to happen unless you have already fostered a relationship with them. If buyers and sellers do attend your Hangouts, be sure to set specific ground rules what information they share “if” you are hosting a Hangout on Air and it’s to be archived on YouTube.

ImageBonus Real Estate Hangout Idea

Another creative way to use Hangouts includes using them for organizing a local events like a real estate bar camp. My buddy Mike Mueller recently hosted a Hangout to discuss the REBarCamp movement with other industry leaders. Kudos Mike for using this tool to start conversations about real estate bar camps.

Use Hangouts Wisely!

Google Hangouts are tremendous opportunities if you’ll conduct your Hangouts with these thoughts in mind.  Share information that’s relevant to consumers, select attendees who are subject matter experts, be professional, and above all, be genuine! These qualities are paramount to successful online engagement opportunities like Hangouts. Thanks to my new Google+ friend, Domingo Rogers for these wonderful words of wisdom!


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