Do You Know How To Pick The Right Colour For Staging Your Home?


The key to understanding where the staging process fits in recognizing that staging is not about smoke and mirrors. It’s about selling the feature and benefits of living in the house.

Why should someone buy your property over another? Property staging has become an essential part of real estate marketing. Marketing a property in its best light is now recognized as crucial to securing the most equity in the shortest amount of time.

Will your house sell without staging? It may. Will it sell at the price you want? Not as likely. Think about first impressions – a blind date, a job interview, a test drive of a car. Each situation requires a spit and polish. Staging helps you put your best foot forward. So unless you want to sell your property “as is, staging is now a vital part of the selling process.

Many homes sell faster and for more money because they are painted ‘the right colour’ based on things like flooring/countertops/tile work/etc…

If working with a professional home stager is not in your budget here is a list of some paint colours that will most likely work in your space to have it appeal to the most buyers. Again, this isn’t about what colours you like or think are best, this is about what will sell your home quickly and for the most money.


Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan

It is a warm tan, that you will see in a lot of new homes.

Don’t go any darker than this.

Lenox Tan is great for….

  • North facing rooms (will visually warm up the space)
  • Large spaces
  • Exteriors

Avoid Lenox Tan in…

  • Small rooms
  • Rooms with pink flooring/countertop/pink undertone cabinets
  • Darker basements – It’s a bit too heavy and needs light to off set it.


Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque

This is a great colour.  It’s lighter and fresher than Lenox Tan.

Monroe Bisque is great for…

  • Overall interior color
  • Rooms with wood flooring/cabinets/furnishings

Avoid Monroe Bisque in…

  • Rooms with Forest Green countertops/carpet

Benjamin Moore Gentle CreamImage

This is very universal. Looks great with white trim, most carpets, tiles and wood flooring.  Perfect if you are thinking of only painting a few rooms/walls.

Gentle Cream is great for…

  • Everything except…

Avoid Gentle Cream in…

  • Rooms with pink flooring/countertop/pink undertone cabinets
  • The yellow clashes with the pink

ImageBenjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is a lovely warm soft gray.

Revere Pewter is great for….

  • Homes with espresso/dark wood flooring or cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • Southern facing bedrooms (to balance out the warm exposure a bit)
  • Small or large rooms
  • Hallways

Benjamin Moore Grant BeigeImage

This colour is great for resale, as it tends to appeal to most people who want to ‘visualize’ themselves in a space.  Perfect for South facing rooms.

Grant Beige is great for…

  • Most versatile including…
  • Rooms with pink flooring/countertops/etc… as it neutralizes the pink

Avoid Grant Beige in…

  • North facing rooms (switch over to Gentle Cream)

ImageBenjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray

The green undertone is subtle enough to not be overpowering in home staging.  Be careful you don’t use it too much throughout. It’s a better ‘accompaniment color’ than ‘majority color’ in a home.Sandy Hook Gray looks great when other rooms are painted Gentle Cream, Grant Beige, Bennington Gray, Navajo White

Great in…

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms

Avoid Sandy Hook Gray…

  • As on overall interior color
  • In rooms with a lot of wood (flooring/cabinets/furniture) as it could make the space look smaller.

Benjamin Moore MuslinImage

Although a bit boring, everyone seems to love it. Not cream, not tan, not gray.  Just…Muslin.  It’s the most universal.

Muslin is great for…

  • Everything

If you think location and price will do the work to sell your house for the most money possible, think again. Even if you have a great location and a good price, a house that’s in lousy or okay condition might languish on the market, convincing you to give up and sell for much less than your asking price. It needs to have that “WOW” factor and appeal to the most buyers to get the most return.

Improve the conditions of the house before you list it, and you can greatly impact the selling price. Take the time to invest in your equity and realize the highest return by staging the property before it hits the market.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below and spread the word to your friends!


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