6 Simple Steps to Making a Moodboard

Mood Boards are so important in identifying the style and look you are trying to achieve when decorating a room. The objective of a mood board is to create a look and feel for a space and provide the designer with a solid sense of direction before they begin decorating. During the design process, mood boards can help ease the communication of design ideas with clients and reinforce your own ideas. Mood boards usually include images of inspiring interiors which depict the style you are going for, images of furniture pieces, sketches of layouts, fabric & material swatches, and a colour palate. It’s worth taking the time as it will provide you with a better sense of direction!

Here’s some simple steps for making an effective mood board:

1. Select a surface for your mood board. It can be cardboard, poster board, a thin wood sheet, or styrofoam

2. Gather images (of interiors which show your desired style, furniture pieces, design ideas)

3. Draw sketches of layout ideas or custom design solutions for the room in question if necessary.

4. Select swatches of fabric or other materials which will be used in the room and arrange them neatly on the board.

5. Select colour swatches and create a colour palate for your room.

6. Arrange everything neatly and artistically on the board. Make sure everything is cleanly placed to enhance visibility. Once you are satisfied glue everything down!



One comment

  1. Great post! I am new to home decorating and am in the process of redoing my bedroom. This is a wonderful way to get all my ideas in one place to see what my style really is. Thanks for the tip!

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