Yaletown Condo Decor Revealed!

We are thrilled to share our most recently completed project, a beautiful condo in Yaletown Vancouver!

The goal for this space was to create a functional live-work space for our photographer client and her family. Since she regularly uses areas of her home for photo shoots, she wanted to redesign its interior and fill it with furniture that could double as props, as well as showcase several of her photos for visiting clients.

To address these needs we created two photo walls, one in the entry hallway to display photos of each client, and one in the staircase to display family photos. We also highlighted one of her beautiful travel photos by framing it in an ornate gold frame and mounting it on the blue feature wall.

edited_DSC_0463 unnamed











The selected theme was Modern Moroccan, so we looked for jewel tones, gold, metallic, glass, colourful artwork, and eclectic decor. It was a wonderful process of compiling different furniture and decor from several different places to achieve a unique look. It felt like treasure hunting to find some of the key pieces like the blue and gold steamer trunk!

Our colour schemes were inspired by fun Moroccan colour palettes. For the downstairs living area we chose blue, yellow, and grey. The paint colour choice for the feature wall was a bold dark blue. For the master bedroom we selected a lush deep purple paint for the wall to pair with the other jewell tones and metallics.

edited_DSC_0530**What are your thoughts on bold feature walls? Please share any inspiring photos of your own projects with captivating feature walls to have them featured on our blog!**

Check out the pics below to see the finished result!! If you want to see more of our finished projects and get decor inspiration please sign up for our newsletter: http://www.modelodecor.com/



modelo decor interior design - comcnmillan master bedroom

edited_DSC_0443 edited_DSC_0436



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