Some Interior Design Trends for 2014

U Sockets to plug in your devices

U-SocketWith having so many gadgets to charge, it seems that there are never enough sockets for everything. Having to plug your devices into an extra piece in order to plug it into the wall makes it bulkier, and may not work well if you want to plug it behind a piece of furniture you would like to have flush against the wall. Installing these unplugs could be a great idea for that purpose. The only problem is they seem to change the cord with each different device. So I’m not sure how long this trend will last.

High Tech Showers

Specialty and Performance Showers

Have you ever experienced this? If you have, this trend isn’t going anywhere. Cut your shower time in have with multiple shower heads, or take longer, because it feel so good. Steam room showers are the ultimate luxury. You can bask in the steam in the privacy of your own home, taking away the worry of how clean it is compared to the steam room at the public pool.

Raw and simple Design

The beauty of simple, raw and unrefined materials dances through  many that I’ve have designed. It’s a fresh way to display your goods. Simple, sleek, clean, and relaxed are some words that could be used to describe what is the latest trend. Using reclaimed wood with natural fibres will give you the look. You could add some glam with polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze or a muted brass to finish it off.


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