Heather has been fostering her passion for beautiful design since she was very young; now as a professional designer, she holds a passion for interior spaces. With her background as a real estate investor, Heather has focused much of her energy on creative arts and interior design, finding inspiration from the life that surrounds her. Born in N.Y., raised all over Canada, she now lives in Vancouver, BC. In recent years, Heather has had extended (and unforgettable) stays in every continent in the world; giving her a unique perspective on design, that nobody else has. Real estate development and investing, in combination with her natural eye for spacial planning, combining beautiful pieces with found objects and overall aesthetic, Heather knows what works for each project.

With a love for art and design, Tiffany has developed a background in interior, product and graphic design through rigorous training at Concordia University, and developed her skills through a wide array of creative experience.  As a professional designer, she is passionate about interiors and the people who experience them, which is developed by her talent for transforming spaces through staging and interior styling.  When designing a space Tiffany enjoys creating a narrative through form, stunning images, and expressive color.  Her unique style, eye for layout and cohesion, and dedication to helping people achieve their vision are all things that drive her creativity.  She thrives on creating beautiful and cohesive spaces that are inspired by fashion, travel and art.  In 2012 Tiffany was the winner of the Surface 3 Design Excellence award, an award for emerging design innovation.
At Modelo Decor our mission is to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their property through home staging and also contribute to people’s wellbeing and happiness by providing beautiful and uplifting spaces.  With our diverse team of top designers and other professionals, we are able to fulfill the unique needs of our clients and their properties. Meet us!

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