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Some Interior Design Trends for 2014

U Sockets to plug in your devices With having so many gadgets to charge, it seems that there are never enough sockets for everything. Having to plug your devices into an extra piece in order to plug it into the wall makes it bulkier, and may not work well if you want to plug it […]

Yaletown Condo Decor Revealed!

We are thrilled to share our most recently completed project, a beautiful condo in Yaletown Vancouver! The goal for this space was to create a functional live-work space for our photographer client and her family. Since she regularly uses areas of her home for photo shoots, she wanted to redesign its interior and fill it with furniture that […]

Thіnkіng Of Rеdесоrаtіng Yоur Hоmе?

Іf уоu аrе thіnkіng оf rеdесоrаtіng уоur hоmе, уоu аrе рrоbаblу sеаrсhіng аrоund fоr sоmе hоmе іntеrіоr dесоrаtіng іdеаs. Rеdесоrаtіng рrеsеnts а grеаt сhаnсе tо ехрrеss уоursеlf bу dіsрlауіng уоur stуlе аnd іntеrеsts. Yоu dо thіs bу mаtсhіng соlоurs, tехtіlеs, stуlеs аnd аrtwоrk. Тhе соmbіnаtіоns оf роssіbіlіtіеs іn hоmе іntеrіоr dесоrаtіng аrе rеаllу еndlеss. Νо […]

6 Simple Steps to Making a Moodboard

Mood Boards are so important in identifying the style and look you are trying to achieve when decorating a room. The objective of a mood board is to create a look and feel for a space and provide the designer with a solid sense of direction before they begin decorating. During the design process, mood […]

Rockin’ it around the Christmas Tree

It’s time for mistletoe and holly…  Gear up for Christmas with some fun festive decor and get ready to let your living room shine! Don’t stop at the Christmas tree — extend your Christmas decorations through the whole living room. These Christmas decorating ideas will have your space overflowing with cheer, whatever your decorating style. […]

Do You Dare?

Transitional Dining Room by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators McGill Design Group Inc.

How To Stage Your Home During The Holidays – Vital Information on Real Estate Home Staging for Sellers & Realtors

Canadian Thanksgiving is here! If you are selling over the holidays then its important to keep your home staging decorating simple with key accessories designed to accentuate focal areas. It’s also the time when the real estate market still steady but starts to cool off nearing December. Byers still go hunting for homes, however its important for sellers […]

Western Living Designers of the Year 2013 – Vancouver

This year’s Western Living’s Annual Design Awards took place in an extremely unique venue, a lofty airplane hanger in Richmond BC. This event recognizes some of the emerging and prominent fashion, industrial, interior designers and architects located in Western Canada.  I had the privilege of helping out at this year’s event and was blown away […]

Back to School: Stylish Dorm Decor!

August is flying by and it’s almost time to return to the campus and hit the classrooms and books. Looking for some awesome ways to spice up your dorm?  You can study in style with these new DIY decor ideas to transform your space! 1. OVERSIZED PHOTO PRINT This is an amazing idea for artwork in a […]

Mood Boosting Décor

It’s true…good décor can affect your mood and psychology. The emerging design field of Neuroarchitecture looks at how space, light and room layout contribute to our physical and psychological well-being. The premise is to consider how each feature of the architectural environment influences certain brain processes such as those involved in stress, emotion, and memory,” […]